Framing Memories

"Stellar presentation! A copy of a very small format original photograph was digitally created and framed as a gift for my brother and his family. The gift was well-received, to say the least. My brother's family put the picture in the family room, where they see it every day. My brother's wife loved the choice to present the antique photo as if it were displayed in an old family photo album. What a great design choice! I'll continue to come to City Frames, and I'll also highly recommend you to all of my friends." - T. Miller, Denver.

The design for this project was strongly inspired by the pages of antique family photo albums: cut-out window, photo corners, etc. For our design, we created a 4" x 6" digital copy of the wallet-size original photo. We replicated the unevenly cut edges of the original photograph and then it was put in place with acid-free paper corners.

The matting was created with two layers of Crescent® Pearl Gray, with the top mat slightly raised. The photograph was mounted with paper corners. The frame is a 3/4" Metro Urban Silver Leaf from Roma Moulding, and the final size is 10" x 13"

Framing family photos holds a very special place at City Frames. The value of personal memorabilia is not measurable. I am always deeply honored to be trusted with handling and framing them.

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