Preserving Nature While Preserving Art

Like other industries, the picture framing industry needs to help minimize human damage to the planet. Roma Moulding recognizes the need for progress in that direction.

Roma Moulding is one of City Frames' main sources for picture frames. So,
information on what steps Roma takes to help preserve the environment is of great interest to me and my customers.

With the attached flyer (click on the picture for a larger view), and more detailed information available on its website, Roma
is at the forefront of communication about this subject. What clearly sets Roma apart is the product's design qualities, the authenticity of the European culture that inspires the products, and a proactive attitude about health and environmental impact.

For example, when tested for lead content, Roma's mouldings scored below the allowed limits. Products from other manufacturers sometimes reached levels 5 1/2 times above the recommended lead content limit. Roma also believes in developing a production and a delivery process that supports healthy forest management; therefore, Roma products are made with woods that are obtained from active reforestation programs.

Even a small frame shop like City Frames can influence its industry by selecting materials with consideration for environmental impact.

The quality of custom picture framing materials can no longer be solely based on design and price. Beauty begins in nature.