5th Year Celebration!

The weather is supposed to be nice this Friday (partly cloudy), with an exceptional micro-climate on the patio! The party will be from 5 to 8PM, this Friday, May 16th. There will be a salad bar, beverages, boules* and wonderful company (as always). Thank you for joining me in celebrating a successful journey before and going forward at City Frames!
Time went by without notice... and it is hard to believe that City Frames has already passed the 4-year mark! I established City Frames in the Zang mansion in February 2004. My initial advertising was done door to door with flyers. The first year, I distributed over 10,000 flyers and I made a lot of new friends! The shop was busy from week one. Since, the clientèle has grown beyond Colorado.
After hearing over and over from people saying that a business that is still around beyond 4 years is an accomplishment in itself, I decided that the time has come to gather everyone and celebrate! From what I understand, half the new businesses die in their first 3 years, and another 50% quit before reaching a 5th year. Additionally, since everybody is talking about recession and economic meltdown, I feel that it is really time to have some fun!
Celebrating a 5th year with City Frames does not go without deep gratitude toward every customer that has come to the shop. I am awed by the level of support that this little business has been receiving. The success of City Frames is entirely due to a constant flow of repeat and referred customers. Every year, I have received a new generation of referred customers.
I hope that you can join the celebration this Friday, May 16, from 5 to 8 on the back patio of the Zang mansion at 709 Clarkson Street. Please RSVP via the email form or by phone + "texto" to 303 249-3333.
(*) Boules: Also called "Pétanque", played with metal baseball-size balls and one small "Cochonnet", is the best game to learn about village gossips and a few words of French slang... But make no mistake: Pétanque is considered to be a national sport and it has very strict rules!