Installation Services

I am excited to let you know that the demand for installation services has been increasing. The experience I have acquired during these past few months has helped me better understand the need that most of my customers have for peace of mind when it comes to installing framed art.

When planning an installation, I invite my customers to think about their display of art from different point of views. For example, we might consider the placement of the art in terms of which pieces should be shared with guests, and which should be reserved to more intimate spaces.

To corporate clients, I offer suggestions that will make a waiting room more inviting. Other spaces in the workplace will receive a treatment that will make them more attractive to clients as well as employees. Remember, hanging art creatively showcases the artwork and enhances the space.

Have you ever noticed how some pieces of art seem to have mysteriously disappeared into the walls? Moving objects around refreshes the attention we give to them. The same principle applies to framed art. That is why it is important that you rotate your wall display often, at least twice a year. It will be a stimulating experience because it establishes new relationships between the pieces of art, you and your environment. The arrival of newly framed art can sometimes be the opportunity to do just that.

The benefits of a professional installation include:

• Saves time and gives you peace of mind
• Provides a safe and reliable art installation
• Gives you expert advice for the placement of your framed art
• Upgrades your existing frames that need it
• Teaches ways to help prevent deterioration of your art
• Renews the experience with the art

I have made installation services an integral part of the custom framing services offered at City Frames. The installation service is available to residential and business customers, and I can install new and older framed art.

Installation services can be recommended to friends and businesses that are relocating or remodeling their current location. Your recommendation will always be greatly appreciated!

For more information, please call me at 303 249-3333.

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