Nielsen Guilded Metal Frames

Don't you wish you could frame small size artwork with wide mats and a thin elegant frame around it? You heard the warning before: the larger the design, the heavier the frame ought to be! Well, not so much anymore.

Nielsen Guilded offers the classic beauty of wood frames with the structural strength of metals. The concept is innovative and it embraces the look and feel of hand-finished guilded frames with the structural properties of metal moulding. Small wood frames only allow for small designs or they rapidly separate in the corners. Additionally, as the size of a design increases, so does the scale of a wood frame. Nielsen frames allow larger designs with minimal framing presence around them.

The Nielsen Guilded collection can accommodate for multiple mats designs and is 100% conservation framing compatible.

The Nielsen Guilded collection comes in four profiles, twelve finishes. The Nielsen Guilded collection can be sampled with your art at City Frames: call 303 249-3333 to schedule your visit to the shop!

Photos: Courtesy NielsenBainbridge.