"Joseph telling his dream", etching by Rembrandt

After I received the call that a Rembrandt etching was going to be presented to me for framing, I felt conflicted: utter excitement on one hand... Fear that the project might not come through on the other.

The print was recently purchased at a Christie's auction and shipped to the client with much less protocol than you would imagine: FedEx, insurance, an ordinary flat cardboard box, some acid-free boards with the print inside. That's about it.

The artwork was in pristine condition. The original copper plate "Joseph Telling his Dream" was etched by the old master around 1638. But I was told that the print I had in front of me dated from the nineteenth century. Surprisingly small in format (no larger than four by five inches), the artwork was rich in inlays of thin lines. The etching had been skillfully printed on a very lightweight piece of parchment paper. The translucent paper was so delicate that the impression could be seen on the back, like a tattoo would on a thin layer of skin.

The exciting challenge: create a contemporary design with subtle classic Dutch influences. No ornament. Simple, solid, yet elegant. I had to make this print look very precious and special.

Design notes:

Museum composition
Soft White pure cotton museum board (Crescent) 4 ply, then 8 ply.
2" ebony stained walnut frame (Picture Woods) with graphite fillet (Larson Juhl).
Reflection-free conservation museum glass.

Professional installation of the finished project was provided using special security hardware to help prevent any damage or theft.


  1. beautiful Joseph - thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great story, Joseph! Thank you for sharing it with me. Tina

  3. Fantastic work!

  4. A fine presentation! Bruce

  5. All the things you've done for me have been the best and I can understand why you were chosen to do this one, who else could do this?


  6. Félicitations Joseph!! Bon travail!
    Quand est-ce que ça va être installé au Louvre??????

  7. A master framing a master. Thank you for the beautiful work. Emily

  8. As the above person stated so well, "a master framing a master", very well said. I'm excited for you Joseph!! PS The coffee shop framing is going very well!! Thanks for your consulting.

  9. Hey Joseph,
    I remember teaching you framing. Congradulations what a great project for you!

  10. This looks like etchings I've seen at Park West auctions. One of the reasons I go to these auctions is that one can see works by the Great Masters.

    Congratulations and feliciations on your achievement!


  11. Very cool Joseph.
    Beautiful presentation of the image.

  12. Congratulations Joseph! What an honor and lifetime opportunity to be able to frame a piece of Rembrandt's work. This speaks highly of your work and reputation. Good for you!

    Valerie and Gary

  13. What a wonderful story and achievement Joseph, not to mention simply elegant. Felicitations! ~Kathleen


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