Snow & Morning Sun at the Zang mansion

Isn't the Colorado weather just wonderful? I am just sharing the thought that I always enjoy the first day of sun after a snow storm! - Joseph


Happy Birthday Working with Artists!

Happy birthday Working with Artists! Saturday's 10th birthday party with live auction and performers was really fun and masterfully coordinated by Valerie Photoggoddess, staff and volunteers.

It was nice to meet newly appointed Executive Director Linda Sheridan and to see again so many familiar faces.

Needless to say that founder Marsea Wynne was very missed.

As a photographer myself I always love framing photography and CITYFRAMES continually supports WwA with discounts on framing for members and with photography show award certificates. I look forward to growing this relationship this year!

Working with Artists is located in Belmar, Lakewood. WwA offers classes and workshops in photography for every level, both in traditional-film and digital forms. WwA is a strong force in the promotion and development of photographic talents in the Denver area. Think of every possible way you can support WwA's mission and programs!

Visit WwA's facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/workingwithartists
and WwA's website at http://workingwithartists.com/
Befriend CITYFRAMES on facebook: hhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/City-Frames/326794372224


Shiprock, NM by Michael Pastur

"Shiprock, NM" by Michael Pastur, framed with 8 ply mat, Museum glass, and 1" ebony-stained walnut frame with contemporary bevel from the Picture Woods® collection. Overall dimensions: 15 x 36 inches.

Go to http://infinite-editions.com/mike-pastur/ or contact me to learn about how your purchase of a print of this photograph by Michael Pastur can help support this talent extraordinaire artist who was recently diagnosed with two rare blood cancers and suffers from complications. The prints are numbered, signed, unframed, gorgeous and valuable!

Please share this information with friends and all the fine art appreciators you know.

The stunning image is not well represented here and I welcome your visit at the Zang mansion to view it in person. I will keep the piece on display for one month, after which it will be at it's final destination in our house!

Print purchasing information:

Michael Pastur's flickr site:

Thanks to Ron Landucci: