Preservation and Creativity - The top 2 criteria when choosing your custom picture framer

by Joseph Amram
PRESERVATION - Using the newest materials and framing techniques ensures the long term safety of your most sensitive works of art. CITYFRAMES exclusively uses conservation-grade materials, such as UV-protectant (clear and non-reflective) glass and plexiglass, acid-free mat boards, and conservation mounting supplies. CITYFRAMES never compromises the preservation of your art to save you a few dollars; it is a choice that has irreversible negative consequences.

CREATIVITY - Great custom framing enhances the art and embellishes the decor in which it is displayed. Great framing design endures and does not follow a style fad. The preservation of your art pieces should not be compromised by the creativity of the framer. Creativity in framing has to be considerate of a particular client's style preferences and improved on with the knowledge and experience of the framer. Every project should be treated uniquely and designed for generations. That is why CITYFRAMES specializes in timeless, classic, elegant designs.
IN CONCLUSION - Your custom framing design can add beauty and protect a special work of art. You know that you are in good hands when your framer educates you on the newest preservation materials and framing techniques, and when the appropriate attention is paid to your art and your personal style.